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Short description

 First Aid at Work is a three day training programe and is completed in 18 hours. It covers all incidents that may occur in a high-risk workplace. The maximum number of delegates who can participate is 12.  The course is approved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance of Cyprus - Department of Labour Inspection.

The course conforms with the guidelines of ERC 2021.

Target Audience

To all those who want to get upgraded first aid knowledge and be able to deal with the most incidents that may occur in a high risk workplace.  It is suitable for employees of construction sites, factories, ports, warehouses and other high-risk workplaces.


The content

The content of the program should include the following topics:

  • Understand current legislation on first aid.

  • Understanding the role of first aid.

  • Understand the use of the first aid equipment provided in the workplace.

  • Understanding the basic principles of personal hygiene and protection when providing first aid in the workplace.

  • Description and recording of the incident.

  • Providing safe, immediate and effective actions following  safe approach rules and procedures, in the following cases:

  1. Basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation - Basic knowledge

  2. Drowning.

  3. Heart attack.

  4. Unconscious patient (including epilepsy).

  5. Bleeding.

  6. Burns.

  7. Shock.

  8. Sudden poisonings.

  9. Anaphylactic shock.

  10. Injury to bones, muscles and joints.

  11. Spinal injuries.

  12. Chest injuries.

  13. Eye injuries.

  14. Minor injuries and wounds.

  15. Stroke.

  16. Asthma.

  17. Diabetes.

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