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Short description

The Paediatric First Aid course is a 12-hour course and is completed in two six-hour periods. Aimed at parents, babysitters, kindergarten teachers, teachers and caregivers in general of preschool children up to primary education.

It prepares delegates to be able to respond in cases of injury, illness or other situations that may endanger the life of the child or infant.  The course conforms with the guidelines of ERC 2021.


Target Audience

For all those who want to acquire basic first aid knowledge and be able to deal with small and daily at home in the office, at school, etc. Suitable for parents, office workers and other places with low work risk.

The content

The content of the program should include the following sections:

• Understand the current legislation on first aid.

• Understand the role of first aid.

• Understand the use of the first aid equipment provided  in the workplace.

• Understand the basic principles of personal hygiene and protection in the process of providing first aid in the workplace.

• Description and recording of the incident.

• Providing safe, immediate and effective actions following safe approach rules and procedures, in the following cases:

  • Basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation

  • Drowning.

  • Heart attack.

  • Unconscious sufferer.

  • Convulsions and Epilepsy.

  • Asthma

  • Bleeding-shock

  • Burn

  • Minor injuries and wounds.

  • Head injuries.

  • Injuries to the spine.

  • Fractures and soft tissue injuries.


Facilities of the program

  • Knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver effective First Aid effectively.

  • Recognized individual  certificate.

  • Group certificate, for the company / organization.

  • First Aid ID.

  • Illustrated First Aid Manual, multi-page.

  • Concise card  guide  to provide first aid 

  • Packed aid drink delivery glove pair

  • Notebook.

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