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The School

The Chironas School of Safety and Health was founded in 2011 and is a continuation of The School of Chiron which was founded in 2004 by Mr. Francis Haggerty. Mr. Haggerty served as a rescuer on Royal Air Force helicopters for many years. Chironas School of Safety and Health continued to offer training courses in the Cyprus market and abroad with the same success. The founder of The School of Chiron, Mr. Haggerty, continues to support our school with his experience and knowledge.

Our vision

We strive to distinguish School of Chironas, amongst the leading providers of training programs in First Aid, through creating awareness, educating as many of our fellow citizens as possible, and improving people's ability to manage emergencies. 
We want every one of our fellow citizens to believe that "First aid is a duty and not an option".


Our mission

To provide high quality, up-to-date training programs, with the aim of passing on knowledge and skills, and creating a safer society.

​To offer training and consultancy services of such high quality that distinguishes the School of Chironas as the School that people know, trust and choose for their training needs.

​Social involvement, volunteering and encouraging our partners to offer their services for the common good.

Research and design of new programs in order to meet and exceed our Clients' needs and expectations.



The instructors of our school are certified by Nuco Training, UK. They have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience from their voluntary service in the Accident and Emergency Department and ambulance service of the local general hospital and are members of Search and Rescue teams, U.S.A.R.


​ Approved by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA), as a Vocational Training Center.

Approval number 00630.

Approved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, Department of Labour Inspection.

Approval number


​Founding member of the Association of Professional First Aid Providers of Cyprus.

The Centaur Chiron is an important figure in Greek mythology. He is referred to as the son of titan Cronus and the Oceanid water-nymph Philyra. He was described as a great healer, and worshipped as a teacher and tutor of the ancient world. 


Chiron is related to the teaching and mentoring of heroes. He is distinguished from the rest of its kind for his nobility and wisdom in the areas of medicine and astronomy. He appears in many myths, most importantly the one in which he is said to have been a teacher of Achilles.

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