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Short description

The renewal of the Certificate of Knowledge Confirmation "First Aid at Work" presupposes attendance of a certificate renewal program lasting at least 12 hours. Renewal training must begin before the end of the current certificate. This program includes  the same basic body of cognitive content as the original program with emphasis on practice. The certificate can be renewed up to 2 times. When the renewal expires (total 9 years) it is required to attend the initial program "First Aid at Work".  The program is approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance of Cyprus TEE.  To  program  conforms  with the ERC 2021 guidelines

Target Audience

To first aid workers who have already attended the First Aid at Work program.  

The content

The content of the program should include the following sections:

• Understand the current legislation on first aid.

• Understand the role of first aid.

• Understand the use of the first aid equipment provided

in the workplace.

• Understand the basic principles of personal hygiene and protection during

process of providing first aid in the workplace.

• Description and recording of the incident.

• Providing safe, immediate and effective actions following

safe approach rules and procedures, in the following cases:

  • Basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation - Basic knowledge

  • Drowning.

  • Heart attack.

  • Unconscious patient (including epilepsy).

  • Bleeding.

  • Burns.

  • Shock.

  • Sudden poisonings.

  • Anaphylactic shock.

  • Bone, muscle and joint injuries. Injury to

  • Spinal injuries.

  • Chest injuries.

  • Eye injuries.

  • Minor injuries and wounds.

  • Stroke.

  • Asthma.

  • Diabetes.

​Facilities of the program

  • Knowledge, skills and confidence to provide effective first aid

  • Recognized individual certificate.

  • Group certificate, for the company / organization.

  • First Aid ID.

  • Illustrated multipage First Aid Manual,

  • Concise card guide to provide first aid 

  • Packed single-use pair of gloves

  • Notebook.

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